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It is a pleasure to introduce you to Eric Seidel & Associates, Ltd., one of the leaders in provideing Business Management Services to small businesses since 1969.  Our clients range from small independent sole-proprietorships to medium-sized entrepreneurial concerns.

Many studies have shown that a great deal of the growth in the economy, almost all of the increase in employment, and many of the services that make an impact in our everyday life come from small business.  Yet, despite its significant place in our economy, small business often receives the least attention.  Eric Seidel & Associates Ltd., on the other hand is dedicated to serving small business.

Eric Seidel & Associates Ltd. is affiliated with E.K. Williams & Co who created the small business consulting industry in 1935, and has since grown to over 300 associate offices worldwide.

Through our individual counselling and financial information services, management and employee seminars, coupled with our computer software products, numerous businesses have strengthened their organizations and increased their profits.  We can tailor our services to your individual needs, and can deliver highly customized products and services at a very affordable price.

Your Eric Seidel & Associates Ltd. representative will help you discover how our unique combnation of accounting, business consulting, and taxation services can be used in your business to get results - results that you can measure in dollars.  For all businesses, accurate information is the cornerstone of success.  Eric Seidel & Associates Ltd. can put he power of accurate and timely business information at your disposal, giving you an edge towards maximum profitability and growth.

Eric Seidel & Associates Ltd.  is the leader in the local market place for setting financial and management guidelines for business.  These guidelines, along with our counselling has created some of the most profitable businesses in the country today.  We thank you for your interest and look forward to welcoming you to our circle of successful and most satisfied clients.


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